Jockey Silks Bourbon Bar Featured on International Travel Show

Chef Brian Riddle shows Zane Lamprey and Steve McKenna how to make the “Jockey’s Dream” during a taping of “Drinking Made Easy.”

Jockey Silks Bourbon Bar will soon grab the international spotlight thanks to a Canadian travel show. “Zane Lamprey’s Drinking Made Easy” stopped by Friday, and Galt House Hotel Executive Chef Brian Riddle gave Zane and Steve a lesson on bourbon.
First, Chef Riddle mixed up the Jockey’s Dream, the drink listed on the Urban Bourbon Passport for Jockey Silks Bourbon Bar. Then, Chef Riddle made his take on the mint julep, a julep de mint. This frozen drink features Crème de Menthe. Next up, Chef Riddle showed our friends from the north the “proper” way to drink bourbon—straight.

Chef Riddle also told Zane and Steve about our city’s rich history, the Kentucky Derby, and Kentucky Derby Festival.
The episode of “Drinking Made Easy” featuring Jockey Silks Bourbon Bar will air this fall on HDNet. We’ll bring you more details as we get closer to the air date. You can find out more about the show by clicking here.

Jockey Silks Bourbon Bar features more than 150 bourbons.  It is located on the 2nd floor of Galt House Hotel’s RIVUE Tower.

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Steve McKenna, Executive Chef Brian Riddle and Zane Lamprey follwing a taping of “Drinking Made Easy” featuring Jockey Silks Bourbon Bar.