Kentucky Derby Style Time

With less than a month left until the Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports, it’s crunch time to find that perfect Kentucky Derby outfit. What the perfect outfit is, of course depends on from where you’ll be watching the race. You’ll see a big difference between folks in the infield, and folks in the stands and on Millionaire’s Row. But no matter where you watch the race, you’ll see plenty of hats. The tradition has grown from women donning spectacular hats and fascinators, to men also taking part in the fun. One of my favorite is a gentleman’s hat that was animated and the horses raced around the bill.
The Kentucky Derby is really a chance to express your style in a way we don’t often get to do. Save for wearing a hat for Easter Sunday, the Kentucky Derby may be the one time of year most of us get to really go all out. It may mean pairing an extravagant hat with a simple dress, or an understated hat with a busier dress. Just make sure they match! And if your planning a day in the infield, you’ve got the chance to get really creative. Nothing is ever a surprise in the infield!
Of course we’ll see all that style bleed over into the top parties around town. Thursday, May 3rd, you’ve got Taste of Derby. Friday, May 4th is Barnstable Brown and the Julep Ball, and Saturday, May 5th is Galt House Hotel’s Night of… Party. The Night of… Party, is the place to be on Derby night. You’ll rub elbows with celebrity jockeys, and raise money for the Permanently Disabled Jockeys Fund.